Why You Should Visit The Peruvian Jungle In Your First Trip To Peru

Thinking of going to Peru? Congratulations on picking one of the most exciting and interesting destinations on the planet! But where to go? Head east up and over the high Andes and you descend into the Amazon basin, one of more exciting places on the planet.

Peruvian Jungle

The jungle of Peru is full of great green biodiversity, natural resources and a beautiful variety of flora and fauna. Traveling to this part of Peru is a challenge, since you need a lot of energy and above all want to know what it offers.

While you are touring the jungle, you will find unique sounds, a beautiful ecology, large areas to explore and beautiful natural areas. Generally, many tourists come to the jungle of Peru to perform various sports activities. Next we will mention three of the most popular destinations among tourists and visitors.

Why the Peruvian Jungle?

Here are a few reasons why every first time visitor to Peru might want to consider including the jungle of Peru in their itinerary:
It’s the Amazon rainforest!- This incredibly biodiverse rainforest is famous for the amazing variety of plants and animals that occur there. Take a chance to experience one of the planet’s major living treasures.

  • It’s easier than you think. No, you won’t need to trek through jungle, wield a machete, or fight off wild beasts. More like relax in a hammock and enjoy a cold drink after taking a guided walk or boat ride at your own pace.
  • Macaws, toucans, and jungle wildlife. These animals and much more can be seen but you do have to go to a protected area like the Tambopata Reserve.
  • It’s more comfortable than you think. You don’t have to camp out nor do any grueling hikes. Stay at high quality lodges in the rainforest and you can watch wildlife from the lodge and enjoy excellent cuisine without making any serious sacrifices on comfort.
  • Thousand and one exotic fruits. In the jungle we also find the best biodiversity of Peru, and not only with species of plants, flowers

Exotic food & beverages:

  • or animals, but in the innumerable list of fruits. You can try the Aguaje, arazá, camu camu, carambola, plum, cocona … or go to an ice cream shop to enjoy guanábana, guava, indano, macadambia, majambo, mamey, among others. There are several desserts or typical dishes prepared based on hundreds of fruits. So it’s not just about eating them directly.
  • The best cocoa in the world. Peru can also be proud of having the best cocoa in the world, originating from somewhere in the Andean tropical forests, between the basins of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers, in the Peruvian jungle. Even, it is known that 50% of the organic production of cocoa in Peru goes to Switzerland, the chocolate capital in the world.
  • Aphrodisiac drinks. The jungle of Peru is hot land, just like its people. And the jungle people say it. It is also full of magic concoctions and aphrodisiac cocktails with the ultimate goal of attracting the loved one. The titles on the bottles leave little to the imagination.

And what destinations do we recommend to visit in the jungle of Peru?

Tarapoto – San Martín

Tarapoto has a great variety of natural attractions. To these attractions are added many adventure sports and water rides. It is recommended to visit the Ahuashiyacu Waterfalls, which is located in Cerro Escalera, 14 km from Tarapoto.

Another beautiful place you can visit is La Laguna Azul, which is 50 km from Tarapoto. In this place, you will find many lodging options, taxi services and restaurants that offer the best of the gastronomy of the place. There, you can take boat rides, motorbike, ski, sailboat and fish.


The jungle of Peru is found in the high jungle of this country. It is recommended to visit Kuélap, the archaeological monument of the Chachapoyas culture. The city of Chachapoyas is one of the oldest in Peru. In it you can visit many churches, colonial style mansions and the ethnic and religious Historical Museum.

If you want to make your trip more exciting, navigate the Amazon River on a cruise, you can visit the Mausoleums of Revash, the Town of the Dead and Sarcophagi of Karajía. You can take a rappel jump in the Gocta Waterfall and also do canoeing.


The Tambopata Reserve is 45 km south of Puerto Maldonado (capital of Madre de Dios). It has an immense and beautiful variety of flora and fauna.

You can do trekking, birdwatching and rafting. Also, you can share a pleasant and fun moment with some of the communities that live in that place. Experiential tourism is very common among tourists and visitors who travel to this beautiful place.