10 Tips to Visit the Amazon Jungle of Peru

Making plans to visit the Peruvian Amazon? The Amazon Jungle of Peru is full of great green biodiversity, natural resources and a beautiful variety of flora and fauna. Traveling to this part of Peru is a challenge, since you need a lot of energy and above all want to know what it offers.

While you are touring the jungle, you will find unique sounds, a beautiful ecology, large areas to explore and beautiful natural areas. Generally, many tourists come to the Peruvian jungle to perform various sports activities. Next we will mention three of the most popular destinations among tourists and visitors.

Amazon Jungle of Peru

The Amazon Jungle of Peru is found in the high jungle of this country. It is recommended to visit kuélap, the archaeological monument of the Chachapoyas culture. The city of Chachapoyas is one of the oldest in Peru. In it you can visit many churches, colonial style mansions and the ethnic and religious historical museum. If you want to make your trip more exciting, navigate the amazon river on a cruise.

The Tambopata National Reserve is 45 km south of Puerto Maldonado (capital of Madre de Dios). It has an immense and beautiful variety of flora and fauna. You can enjoy the streets, the Plaza de Armas, visit the mariposario and the serpentarium. Also, you can eat delicious fruit ice cream. Experiential tourism is very common among tourists and visitors who travel to this beautiful place.

If you want to be away from the city and away from the noise, the nature of this place will help you a lot. You can do trekking, birdwatching and rafting. Also, you can share a pleasant and fun moment with some of the communities that live in that place.

The Amazon Jungle of Peru offers the opportunity to live a unique experience, however, there are some things you should keep in mind when packing. In this post we will give you some tips so that your trip to the Peruvian jungle is as you dreamed.

Set the travel season

Before choosing a destination it is essential that you define the travel season. The Amazon Jungle of Peru has a tropical climate, high temperatures and high humidity, it is common to witness rains, especially during the summer months. It is recommended to travel the months between may and September.

Choose a suitable wardrobe

When preparing our luggage we must take into account the intense heat of the Amazon Jungle of Peru, it is important to choose a light clothing, preferably cotton and light colours. Dark tones attract the attention of insects.


As a preventive measure it is recommended to be vaccinated against yellow fever, if you travel to areas of the forest with an altitude of less than 2300 meters above sea level. It is advisable to put it on 10 days before the trip. In lima, you can do it in the international vaccination centre, located on av. Of the army, block 17 in San Isidro.

Some destinations to visit in the Amazon Jungle of Peru

Iquitos is known as the “capital of the Peruvian amazon.” it is located in the northeastern jungle of Peru, where it is only reached by river, or by plane. In the city you can visit the iron house, the mother church and the Plaza de Armas. If you go through the surrounding areas you will find the community of the boras de San Andrés, the padre Cocha island and the Allpahuayo Mishana reserve.


Pucallpa is located in the middle of the Amazon Jungle of Peru, in the centre east of Peru. It is a land of rain and intense heat all year round. One of its main characteristics is the cultural richness of its villages and magical scenarios, such as the Varinacocha lagoon, where you can swim, row, fish and observe freshwater dolphins. If you travel in the month of June you can enjoy the “Fiesta de San Juan”.


Tarapoto is a natural paradise nestled between the rivers Cumbaza and Shilcayo, in the department of San Martín. Its climate is very pleasant all year round, its impressive landscapes and it is people the friendliest. You can find among its main attractions the waterfall of Ahuashiyacu, with a drop of 60 m high, and the lagoon el sauce, a natural refuge with shelters and services for all tastes. Your visit to Tarapoto will be ideal for many activities such as bird watching, canoeing and fishing.

Tarapoto has a great variety of natural attractions. To these attractions are added many adventure sports and water rides. It is recommended to visit the Ahuashiyacu waterfalls, which is located in Cerro Escalera, 14 km from Tarapoto. There, you can take a relaxing dip and swim next to the fall of the great cataract.