About the toucan

Find out that tourists traveling with Palotoa amazon travel frequently see these beautiful birds in the Manu national park and the Tambopata reserve.
The ranfástidos (Ramphastidae), commonly known as toucans, this family of ranfástidas birds of the order of the piciformes is very wide since it houses six genera and forty-two different species of toucans.

Toucans are birds of feathers and beak of very striking colors. They measure up to 65 centimeters and weigh from 130 to 680 g. Its peak is long with an approximate length of 20 cm and reaching its final size after several months. It has small teeth like saws,
They do not show sexual dimorphism, the sexes are very similar although the female has a slightly smaller and sometimes straighter beak than the male. Toucans feed primarily on berries, seeds, fruits, and ripe fruit. Sometimes they do it with insects and other prey such as small lizards, pigeons and eggs of other birds

Their reproduction is oviparous and they lay two to four white eggs with an elliptical shape, porous and fragile. The incubation period is from 17 to 20 days, and only one set per year. Both parents incubate the eggs alternating and once born,