Tarantula Goliath


About tarantula

Visitors to Palotoa Amazon Travel can often see one of these giant spiders on a Jungle Night Walk!
For lovers of nocturnal creatures, some think that the Tarantula is a unique species, it is actually a complete family of spiders with around 800 different species! Tarantulas live all over the world. For example spiders live in Africa, Europe, Asia, America and even Australia. However, many of the best known types live here in the Amazon rainforest, included in the Palotoa Ecological Reserve.

Interesting facts about tarantulas

  • Tarantulas are the largest of spiders.
  • Its prey is insects, including rodents and small birds.
  • Tarantulas have tiny hairs on the back of their abdomen and hind legs that adhere to those who bother them causing itching.
  • Some tarantulas can be as large as dishes.
  • Although tarantulas do not pose a great danger to humans, some people fear them. Maybe because they are big. Maybe because they are hairy.
  • aybe because they are poisonous. However, for most people, tarantula bites are no worse than a bee sting (unless you are an allergic one).
  • A female tarantula can live up to 20 years or more in the wild. The males, on the other hand, only live between 5 and 10 years at the most.
  • Tarantulas are docile when handled by a person and rarely bite and a fall of a certain height can kill a tarantula. And Tarantulas can regenerate a lost leg.

Tarantulas live in tropical regions of North and South America. In the jungle of Manu and tambopata, in southeastern Peru, tarantulas are in our trails within our private reserve of Palotoa Amazon Lodge. The best known type is the lonely spider. The largest spiders of the family liposides, especially members of the Lycosa genus such as Lycosa tarantula, are called tarantulas. The colonizers of the New World went on to call the much larger spiders of the American families Theraphosidae and Dipluridae “Tarantulas” Most spiders are hairy and large, and some hunt their prey on the ground, while others do it in the trees. When they prefer to feed on insects, tarantulas ambush their prey and kill them with their large fangs. All types of spiders make silk, which they use to build or align their home.