Red and green macaw


About the red and green macaw

Did you know let the guests at the Palotoa Amazon Travel lodges see these bright feather birds!

The red and green macaw, along with its relatives in the genus Ara, has a long pointed tail, a naked face and a striking plumage. Its feathers are mainly of a deep scarlet, with green highlights on the upper wings.

The habitat of the red and green macaw includes the jungle areas and even lowland mountains of 1000 m.a.s.l. It moves in flocks or small groups, but during the mating season they disperse to mobilize as a couple. Sometimes, it coexists without problems with other species of macaw to consume clay found in the vertical walls of the rivers. Normally it usually feeds on seeds, fruits, nuts, berries and all kinds of vegetables found in trees. Only when it is in the period of reproduction it looks for insects and larvae to feed its young. True to a couple, the macaw likes to nest in the hollows or old nests of woodpeckers in trees of soft wood and great height. Once you choose the nest, use it again and repair it from generation to generation. Egg laying, two to three, occurs twice a year. The incubation period is 26 to 28 days. When the young are born their plumage is gray and after three months they leave the nest.

Macaws nest in iron wood trees: these trees are hardwoods of the genus Dypteryx. ¡¡
Small families: red and green macaws lay one to four eggs at a time. Often, one or more eggs do not hatch. When more than one egg hatches, the largest chick (the firstborn) monopolizes all the food.


How to see the Red and Green Macaw and other wildlife on an Amazon jungle tour

Visit during nesting season: From November to March, Red and Green Macaws spend most of their time at their nest. You can spend hours peering at them from a scope, listening to the conversations they hold as one sits on the nest, and the other perches on a nearby branch.
Watch for them from the canopy tower: Usually, Red and Green Macaws perch with the bright sky behind them, making good photos challenging. However, when seen from above while standing on our canopy towers, you get a gorgeous green backdrop, perfect for photos!
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