About the Piranha

Usually calls piranhas several carnivorous or omnivorous freshwater fish that live in the rivers of South America. The denomination includes some or all species of various genera within the Serrasalminae subfamily, which also includes herbivorous fish.

Piranha description

The body of most piranhas is robust and narrow. They measure from 14 to 26 centimeters in length but there are species that grow to reach more than 40 centimeters. The head is prominent and the jaws have great strength, with a single row of teeth in each.

What do piranhas eat?

Piranhas, generally feed on all kinds of fish and crustaceans, including crabs, shrimp and even prawns; although we also know that they can eat frogs, insects and animals that are invertebrates, but freshwater,

How old can a piranha live?

How long do piranhas live. Its life period is about 10 years, although its life expectancy is greatly increased by being in captivity (it can reach 30 years of existence).