Owl butterfly or caligo


About the owl butterfly

Caligo is a genus of Dithrisian lepidoptera from the Nymphalidae family commonly known as owl butterflies. It includes 20 species of the jungles of Central and South America up to 1800 m s. n. m., from southern Mexico to southern Brazil,
Its common name comes from the large ocelli on the back of the wings, which look like big eyes.
Although the significance of these ocelos is currently unknown, 3 it is known that in other butterflies, particularly in the case of Satyrinae, they fulfill the function of diverting the attack of the birds to less vulnerable parts of the body, while Protect the abdomen and the head of the butterfly. However, much more research is required to decipher how these butterflies appreciate predators, since one thing is camouflage in front of the human observer and another with respect to birds that can appreciate the rays

They stand out for their size. The larvae measure up to 15 cm long and adults can exceed 20 cm in size.