Morpho butterfly


About the Morpho butterfly

Find out! Several types of these dazzling butterflies flutter around our Palotoa lodge Amazon Travel?

Every time you hike in the forest, the incomparable biodiversity of the rainforest guarantees that you will spy on strange and beautiful creatures. You can walk the same path every day for a week and see different bugs each time! A reason why you always see something different. Even looking at the same place every day, some creatures hide with the naked eye with their intelligent colors and patterns. The Morpho butterfly is one of the most striking hidden gems!

How to identify the Morpho Butterfly?

Mixing camouflage with beauty, Morpho butterflies look like large bright blue sparkles as they hover lazily through the forest. Like a flying jewel against a rich green backdrop, the butterfly never stops catching your attention. However, at first glance, the still butterfly seems quite simple, with opaque and patterned wings. Only when the Morpho Butterfly opens its wings can you see its true inner beauty!
Around eighty species of Morpho Butterflies illuminate tropical habitats, several types live in the rainforest of

Manu and Tambopata: you just can’t miss these shows while they flutter! Similar to surreal flashes of blue light, you may think you saw a bird, or even imagined the experience. Also, to see more closely these unique butterflies.