About the capibara

Tourists who travel to the Amazon of Manu and Tambopata, with Palotoa Amazon Travel, see this rodent of the jungle, known as the Lord of Gras that breaks world records!

Sailing along the Manu and Tambopata River on the way to our hostel, travel through one of the most remote and biodiverse places on earth: and in the Amazon rainforest of Peru, you can find this animal. As the boat progresses, the sharp eyes of the guides observe the banks of the river, and the tops of the trees in search of the wild life of the jungle. If you are lucky, you will see the Capibara, the largest rodent in the world!

Capibara Facts

The largest rodent in the world: these large animals are actually the largest rodent species in the world. In fact, these rodents rather like pigs can weigh up to 150 pounds!

Aquatic: you will never find a Capibara away from the water. Their webbed feet have helped adapt these creatures to life in rivers, swamps and lakes. The extravagant rodents even sleep in the water, with their noses just above the surface!
An important food source for predators: anacondas and jaguars love to eat fat capibaras rodents should be tasty, as other animals such as black alligators and ocelots also take advantage of them.
Capibaras are shepherds, they spend most of their time chewing pastures and other vegetation along the


How to get to the Amazon of Peru to see capibaras and other wild animals of the jungle?

Visit protected areas: capybaras live throughout the rainforest, but they are very hunted in many areas, which makes them cautious as a result. But in the Manu and Tambopata Reserve, Capibaras that live along the river often relax on the riverbank. This makes fun-looking rodents the stars of many spectacular photos!
Watch for them where the grass grows: capybaras love to eat new grass sprouts. Find places like this along the edge of the river, and you have a good chance of finding these extravagant jungle creatures.

Navigate the river with a trained guide, and of course when you decide to travel to the Amazon, go to talk with the experts of Palotoa Amazon Travel. We will help you get to the jungle.