About the Caiman

Find out! Tourists traveling to Manu and Tambopata, with Palotoa Amazon Travel usually see a caiman.

The alligator is related to the American crocodile. It hides in the waterways of the American continent. Of the 6 species of alligators, 4 are found in the rainforests of Manu and Tambopata the smallest is the dwarf caiman 1 and a half meters long (Paleosuchus palpebrosus). The biggest is the intimidating black Caiman 5 meters long (Melanosuchus niger). Other species found in the Peruvian jungle is the white caiman.

Like other crocodiles, alligators have existed for millions of years. They feed mainly on crustaceans and fish. However, large individuals will eat mammals and birds when the opportunity presents itself.
How to identify a black alligator

More information about Caiman

Depending on the protected areas: black caiman were hunted to extinction in many areas of their range. Currently, it occurs mainly in protected areas such as the Tambopata National Reserve and the Manu National Park She carries her young in her mouth: after their babies are born from their eggs, mothers use their mouths to carry them and take them to safe waters.