Blue and Yellow Macaw


About  blue and yellow macaw

Four out of six guests in the hostels of Palotoa lodge and Matsiguenkas lodge, see these bright feather birds!

The macaw blue macaw, along with its relatives in the genus Ara, has a long pointed tail, a naked face and a striking plumage. Its feathers are mainly of a deep color, with blue highlights on the upper wings.
It is found in South America, from Panama to Peru, Bolivia1 and northeastern Argentina, They live in varied habitats ranging from tropical rainforest, rainforest to dry savanna, they live mainly in forests near riverbeds They nest every two years between August and January, dig holes in the trunks of trees and palm trees and the female generally lays two or three eggs. The female incubates the eggs for about 28 days and the chicks leave the nest in approximately 90 days after hatching. The male feeds the female during this period and protects the nest from intruders.