About Agouti

Tourists traveling with Palotoa Amazon Travel frequently see this animal in the Palotoa Ecological Reserve
The Agouti is a common mammal of the Amazon rainforest. The species that lives in the rainforest of Manu and Tambopata, home of our shelters, is the Central American Agouti (Dasyprocta punctata). You can call it “Agouti!”

Agoutis are common in the rainforests of Manu and Tambopata and elsewhere. Visitors find them a lot because they often feed during the day. They are not as shy with people as other animals. The Agoutis are rodents adapted to look for seeds in the forest floor.
They prefer to remain in the shadow of the undergrowth, but they will throw themselves into the water to avoid the attack of some predator. They can run long distances as fast as a rabbit. The agoutis also emit an alarming alarm call when they run in the forest.

Agouti funny facts

Eat nuts and seeds: the agouti opens a nut seed pod without tools. First, gnaw the seed pod with strong and sharp incisors. Then they remove and eat some of the nuts inside. The only other animal capable of opening a Walnut seed pod is the Red and Green Macaw.
“Plant” walnut trees: the Agoutis destroy the walnut seeds, but they also help grow the plant. They bury the walnut seeds for later use. Agoutis forgets some seeds that eventually turn into nut trees.

Raise the fur on the back to look bigger: Agoutis lifts the fur in his hindquarters in aggressive interactions. In this way, they look larger than their actual size.
Light brown fur: Agouti fur has different shades of brown depending on the angle of light.