Peru Amazon weather forecast

The Peruvian jungle, crossed by the mighty Amazon River, is an area of ​​tropical vegetation in the Amazon River basin, where the largest nature reserves are located.

The physiography presents two clearly differentiated zones: The low jungle or Amazonian plain (below 700 masl) whose summer occurs between the months of April and October and is an ideal time for tourism, with sunny days and high temperatures, often higher than 35 ° C .; and the high forest that rises towards the Andean heights (above 700 masl) which has a subtropical and temperate climate, with abundant rains (around 3,000 mm per year) between November and March and sunny days between April and October.

Between the months of April and October the rivers diminish their flow and the roads are easily passable. The rainy season, on the other hand, between November and March, is characterized by frequent showers (at least one a day) that can cause deterioration in the terrestrial access roads. Humidity in the jungle is very high throughout the year.

Characteristics of the Peru Amazon Forecast

The climate is warm tropical and is characterized by:

  • Quite constant temperatures, with monthly averages of between 24 and 26º C, with minimum values ​​between 18 and 20º C and maximum values ​​between 33 and 36º C. The daily variation of the temperature ranges from 5 to 8º C, which is much higher than the annual variation, which barely reaches 1 or 2º C.
  • Relative humidity is generally greater than 75%.
  • The minimum rainfall to maintain the humid forest is 1 800 mm per year, the optimum being 2 000 mm, distributed more or less regularly throughout the year. If there are two or three months with rainfall less than 50 or 100 mm, changes in the vegetation are already felt, appearing a drier tropical forest, in which some species can be deciduous.

Climate Table:

January February March  April May June July August September October November December
Medium Temperature 14.1 14 14 13.8 13.6 12.9 12.5 12.6 13.1 14 14 14.2
Minimum temperature 8.8 8.8 9 8.8 8.7 8.2 8 7.9 8.3 8.7 8.3 8.5
Maximum temperature 19.4 19.3 19 18.9 18.5 17.6 17 17.3 18 19.3 19.8 19.9

What is the best time to go to the Amazon?

The type of experience depends on when in the year you decide to visit the Amazon. There are two main seasons that govern the Amazon: increasing season (high water) from December to May, and the empty season (low water) from June to November.

If you are looking for a unique navigation experience throughout the Amazon, the growing season is for you. In this the temperature is about 30ºC (86 ° F), which gets to differentiate up to 12 ° C less than the empty season, also allows us to have a fantastic panorama of the waters. An important advantage is that all the rivers, streams and lakes are navigable at this time, which generates a more immersive and long experience of the waterways and fauna of the Amazon, which allows us to appreciate the favorites of the Amazonian fauna, like monkeys, turtles, jaguar and alligators.


Low Season:

On the other hand, the empty season becomes much hotter than the previous one (temperatures around 37 ° C), but it allows us to enjoy a different experience, although equally dazzling. If what you are looking for is the adventure of being able to walk among the trails of the jungle, this is for you, because the low water allows access to areas where in another season we could not. In addition, this time is perfect activities such as fishing in the river, in which it is very easy to catch piranhas and other species.

Our specialist guides and resident biologists will show you the natural wonders of the Amazon and teach you about the different ecosystems. The upper Amazon basin is the place that has one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity in the world and has a spectacular record of species of flora and fauna.

We can prepare tours that go from one day to expeditions of several weeks to the heart of the Tambopata Research Center – Candamo or Manu National Park tours from Cusco, or a late afternoon trip to the beautiful Sandoval Lake. We can also make available to you special expeditions, accommodation details for students and workshops.

Recommendations for traveling to Peru Amazon:

You will need to wear clothes that you can put on in layers that dry quickly because in tropical climates there is a lot of humidity and unpredictable rain showers. Light colors are better so you do not get too hot in the sun and to help notice if you have a bug on top! We suggest the following list of clothes:

  • Long sleeve cotton shirts
  • Cotton long pants (to the feet)
  • Quick drying socks
  • Anorak or poncho
  • Comfortable walking boots
  • Comfortable shoes for when you are relaxing
  • A sweater or jacket for cool nights and if there is any cold front during your stay
  • Swimsuit to swim in the lakes / rivers

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