5 of the Best Peru Amazon Eco Lodges

If you are a lover of nature and adventure, these eco lodges located in the Peruvian Amazon will give you the taste buds. They not only offer relaxation and comfort. In them you can enjoy the best landscapes of destinations such as Iquitos or Tambopata and also practice various adventure sports in its surroundings.

Get carried away by the charms of the jungle in these lodges of Iquitos, Tambopata and Manu and spend some unique days.

Meet 5 of the best Peru Amazon Eco Lodges:

Ceiba Tops Lodge, Iquitos.

This refuge is located 20 minutes by boat from the city of Iquitos and is characterised by combining nature and fun. One of its biggest attractions is its pool. Ceiba Tops is perfect for stays of one or more nights. For families, connecting rooms are available or you can upgrade your Amazonian Adventure.

Amazon Eco Lodges

The rooms at the Ceiba Tops Lodge have air conditioning and a private bathroom. There are packages for two people from US$ 800 (2 days, 1 night), depending on the date.

Amazon Villa Lodge, Tambopata.

The rustic atmosphere of this lodge located in Tambopata will enchant you. Villa Amazónica is a private bungalow designed to provide guests with a combination of privacy, amenities and activities that will enhance their experience in the Amazon rainforest. Essentially, guests of Villa Amazónica enjoy their own and exclusive bungalow in the heart of the jungle

Amazon Eco Lodges

It offers activities for all tastes, from kayak and stand-up paddle to the possibility of enjoying a spectacular view of the jungle from a tower of 30 meters. The packages in Tambopata range from US $ 566 and include the services of a private guide.

TreeHouse Logde, Iquitos.

Two and a half hours from Iquitos you can savor our jungle from the top of a tree, where multiple bungalows have been arranged, connected to each other by hanging bridges.

You’ll never forget the experience of watching monkeys and birds at eye level as every morning you’ll wake up to a safari of animal life before you even get out of bed. Not to worry, you won’t sacrifice any of the usual comforts found on the ground. Every bungalow is equipped with showers, sinks, toilets, and clean white linens. Your personal treehouse bungalow gets you up off the jungle floor and helps you enjoy the airy relief from the heat and humidity. Sure, you’ll get a little extra exercise walking up to your bungalow, but after a meal filled with our delicious food, you’ll welcome it

Amazon Eco Lodges

If you want to enjoy all the splendour of the Amazon from the top, this lodge is the right one. They offer packages ranging from US $ 700 to US $ 1300. The price includes transfers, meals and excursions.

Tambopata Research Center Lodge, Tambopata

It is the only Peru Amazon eco lodge that is located within the Tambopata National Reserve, making it one of the most remote Refuges in South America. The unaltered location of the Tambopata Research Center means that it is surrounded by the best wildlife that the Amazon Rainforest has to offer.


It offers activities such as visits to the Macaw clay licks; night walks to see strange and beautiful frogs, insects and other animals; visit to the aguajal; and the search for monkeys on a five kilometre trail.

It offers rooms from USD 700 to USD 1100 per night.

Manu Learning Centre, Manu 

Is a traditional Amazonian style lodge set against a beautiful tropical forest backdrop, where charismatic macaws squawk overhead and mischievous monkeys scamper in the canopy.

By visiting Manu Learning Centre you will be directly supporting the conservation and community projects that empower the people of Manu through sustainable livelihoods and improved living standards.


This is the only Peru Amazon eco Lodge in the Jungle that offers you to volunteer for 2 to 12 weeks, with packages that range from $ 1800 up to $ 5750.