Parrot Clay Lick

The most beloved birds of the Amazon

from outside in the middle of the environment all the parrots can see is a natural hut that can hardly be seen from a cliff, but inside the hut the tourists and their guide will be ready waiting for the wonderful and amazing moment, to have them before them this show incredible, you’ll be able to accommodate yourself to have some wonderful photographic shots.

the parrot clay lick is located in one of the cliffs of the Madre de Dios river, near our lodge, we take the motorized boat to get to the place, the parrot clay lick, is the best place to see dozens of parrots, parrot kits and macaws of different species and colors that come together to reach the clay wall, rich in nutrients, which allows tourists to see the incredible diversity of the Amazon in this special place.

Why you’ll Love the Parrot Clay Lick

Because it is fascinating and spectacular to see these tropical birds from a hiding place, there we can observe more than 7 species of parrots and macaws like Dusky-Headed and Cobalt-Winged Parakeets, Chestnut-Fronted Macaws, and Mealy, Yellow-Crowned, Blue-Headed , and Orange-Cheeked Parrots.
Researchers have studied these birds while eating clay around the region. His theory is that these birds eat clay to supplement salt in their diet, since, far from any ocean, there is very little sodium in the water or in their food.

Parrot Clay Lick Details

  • Season of the year: April – September
  • Recommended for: Morning
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Difficulty Level: I
  • Altitude: low jungle 350.m.s.n.m.
  • Available at: Palotoa Amazon lodge.