Most Popular Peru Amazon Cruises

The Amazon River, a fluvial course located in South America. It is the longest and largest river on our planet, followed in long distance by the Nile River in North Africa. Amazon River flows through the Congo River (Zaire River) , in the center of Africa. All floras and faunas of the American wet intertropical forest is present in the Amazon. There exist innumerable species of plants, thousands of species of birds, so many amphibians and millions of insects still unclassified.

The fauna is very varied, from the smallest insects to large mammals such as the giant jaguar, the puma, the tapir and several species of deer. Also, there are reptiles such as turtles, alligators, babillas and snakes. There are birds and fish of all species, plumage and scales. In the lagoons along the Amazon the Victoria Regia plant blooms, a kind of water lily whose circular leaves reach more than a meter in diameter and sometimes, up to 5 m, which has given rise to the myth that one of these leaves can sustain a person, which is false.

These popular Peru Amazon Cruises, will allow you to appreciate the jungle in its maximum splendor and the opportunity to enjoy an exclusive journey through the largest river in the world. Next the most famous cruises:


The Peru Amazon Cruise Aqua is the 30 meter flagship of Aqua Expeditions. Its 12 luxurious suites, designed by Jordi Puig architect and Peruvian interior designer internationally recognized, measure between 21 and 22 square meters and have large panoramic windows and living room. All have air conditioning and four of them are interconnected to host families. Our guests can spend their free time in the dining room, in the bar, on the observation deck and in the outdoor lounge. We also have a small boutique. They will be served by a crew of 16 people, in addition to 3 naturalist guides. Our rates include excursions, food and wine with meals. Cruise Aqua is one of the popular Peru Amazon Cruises.

Each day you will explore the tributaries of the rivers and the ecosystem within the flooded forest. The Pacaya Samiria Reserve located in the basin where the Amazon River is born has an area of more than 5 million acres, doubling in size to Yellowstone Park, and has an unparalleled fauna and flora. Travelers will have the opportunity to see hundreds of species, including those in danger of extinction such as the Amazonian pink dolphin, the black alligator and the giant river otter.

Travelers aboard the Aqua will enjoy a menu of Peruvian delicacies, whether served on board or during excursions. The dinner promises to be a party for the senses, matching delicious dishes with a perfect selection of South American wines. Our menu has been created by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, one of the most recognized chefs in Peru


Experience the best of the Amazon Rainforest with us, we have taken quality and comfort one step beyond the ordinary. Where the true and genuine is mixed with the subtle elegance of the simple. Delfin Amazon Cruises is the first quality cruise company that sails through the Peruvian Amazon.

2 Suites, although small, consist of a King size bed, panoramic windows and all the comforts that a suite deserves. Veneers in fine woods and the best quality bedding and bathroom. Air conditioning and hot water and 1st best in natural bio-degradable toilet products.
4 double cabins, all veneered in fine and exotic woods of the area, with orthopedic mattresses of the best quality, sheets of 280 threads of pure cotton, plush robes and towels, air conditioning with individual thermostats, hot water and natural products and bio -degradable toilet, made of root mixtures, flowers and fruit leaves, hypoallergenic and organic.

The terrace Located on the third deck, with a touch of sophisticated simplicity, enhances all the wonderful materials of the area. You will feel very comfortable in your spacious armchairs, enjoy the cozy feeling of sailing the Amazon and the warm breeze of a forest … stopped in time … only for you ……… Comfortable and large armchairs, ceiling fans, an assortment and nice bar will make this your favorite place to read, rest or chat. .. while enjoying the best views of this mysterious place. Cruise Delfin I is also among the popular Peru Amazon Cruises.

Aria Luxury Cruise

The most luxurious Peru Amazon Cruise
Embark on the journey of your dreams, sailing on the largest river in the world – the Amazon. The Peru Amazon Cruise Aria will be the refuge of the most demanding and adventurous travelers. It offers them an experience that only the most privileged have been able to access. The boat will anchor in different points of the river. Then we will take the boats accompanied by our experienced naturalist guides to travel the most remote areas of the Peruvian jungle and the Pacaya Samiria Reserve. We will explore these wild areas full of flora and fauna and visit native villages to observe up close and experience the lifestyle of the locals as they have been doing for centuries. At the end of each adventure, the comfort of our floating hotel awaits you where you can simply relax and enjoy.

The highly experienced river pilots of Aqua Expeditions and the most rigorous cruise standards guarantee a smooth and safe trip in the waters of the Peruvian Amazon.


The 16 beautiful suites in the Amazon Aria on the first and second deck measure 23 square meters (250 square feet). Each has an individual air conditioning, polished hardwood floors and a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that overlooks the Amazon River. All ensuite bathrooms with rain shower and organic bath amenities incorporate the latest ecological technology.

The chef-inspired cuisine of executive chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino offers many reasons to look away from the captivating landscapes seen in the floor-to-ceiling windows that define this elegant space.

Observation deck on the upper level of Aria is complemented by the Indoor Lounge. It has a fully stocked bar at one end and the well-edited library on the other, fresh Amazon flowers and unique artifacts in between, draws its colored sofas cream well filled in polished Hardwood floors under high ceilings. Outside, cushioned loungers under a lively canopy encourage relaxing relaxation to contemplate the river without worrying about the sun’s glow. Or relax in the Aqua Aria’s outdoor Jacuzzi to cool off after a shore excursion in the warm tropical forest.