Incredible Travel In Peru: Best Peru Jungle Trips

The Peruvian Amazon occupies more than half of the national territory, has 31 ecosystems, almost 15,000 species of animals and more than 60 indigenous ethnic groups.

To start any Peru jungle trips we have to move to one of the villages located on the edge of it and take them as a base camp, these towns can be reached preferably through the airports of the region, but I will explain the main towns, places what to visit and how to get there. You can choose to stay in hostels or lodges and from there start your Peru jungle trips, some very close to the protected natural areas.

Here we leave you a special selection of the best Peru jungle trips.

Iquitos – The legacy of the rubber tappers

Iquitos keeps two surprises in one place: an incredible nature a few hours downstream or upstream; and a city that is worth exploring while walking along its boardwalk and its beautiful tile houses.

From the city of Iquitos you can take a cruise on the Amazon River or stay in lodges and lodges in the middle of the jungle to explore the jungle and the most daring and adventurous can reach the protected natural areas, highlighting the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and Allpahuayo Mishana, with exuberant fauna and flora, ideal for bird watching, you can also make contact with the aborigines of the Amazon or know the rites of ayahuasca.

Its architectural capital is unique throughout the Peruvian jungle. In the city of Iquitos you can find handicrafts of the jungle natives, as well as enjoy excellent regional cuisine, typical drinks, hectic city life and great nightlife, or sessions with shamans that use ayahuasca. There is great diffusion of folk medicine and quackery based on the large number of medicinal plants that exist.

Do not forget to visit the new floating boat museum at the end of the boardwalk that also includes a visit to Casa Morey. This extraordinary era of the rubber barons inspired the cinema and actors such as Mick Jagger, Klaus Kinski and Claudia Cardinale resided in Iquitos. Today you can spend a few nights in the house that housed them with pool and garden that isolates them from the bustling city. Welcome to the Oasis Iquiteño.

Pucallpa – In harmony with the jungle

Back to travel to Pucallpa was a nice surprise. The city itself is bustling but hides many places to feel the connection with nature: eating rich in the garden of the Hotel Manish, sharing a little of the Shipibo culture in the San Francisco community or spending a few days in the extraordinary Ani Nii Shobo. This lodge offers traditional medicine, steam baths and plants, walk along the river to the mouth where gray and pink dolphins play. In short, it is an elegant refuge to depart from the world and feel the energy of the jungle. Welcome to the mystical Pucallpa.

Puerto Maldonado – Wildlife refuge

For some years, Puerto Maldonado has become the new fashion entrance for the Peruvian jungle. Less than an hour by plane from Cusco, its jungle is incredibly rich in flora and fauna. The Tambopata National Reserve is a jewel that must be known.

Tambopata is ideal for amateurs of nature and the biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest; tourism for scientific purposes, bird watchers, flora and fauna; interested in mysticism and native communities and for those who are passionate about navigating the rivers of the Amazon. Excellent scenarios for bird watching, or also for those who wish a first foray into pristine forests of the Amazon rainforest. We touch ourselves with monkeys stumps, howler monkeys, capybaras, parrots and macaws, river wolves, shanshos figuretis, snakes, tarantulas and insects anyway; and even a jaguar sunbathing on the shore. It was a day with a lot of luck. And we wish you the same. Welcome to the heart of biodiversity.

Tarapoto – Land of adrenaline

Tarapoto is one more destination for Peru jungle trips to understand the Peruvian diversity: not all the jungle is flat, there are also leafy mountains, fresh waterfalls to swim, rivers moved by rafting down and all that Tarapoto offers. It also has hikes in the middle of a steep jungle, panoramic views and reddish sunsets. The high Tarapotina forest is a land made to combine adventure and relaxation.

From Tarapoto you can enjoy many of its lagoons and waterfalls where contact with nature and relaxation will make your visit a great experience. The lagoon El Sauce, also called the blue lagoon, is located only 51 km south of the city and is itself a destination of landscapes of lush vegetation and calm waters, around which are located lodges offering various programs visiting.

Around Tarapoto: The Ahuashiyacu falls and the Cordillera Escalera reserved zone, the Huacamillo waterfalls, the El Sauce lagoon and Lago Lindo are places for recommended views of no less than 2 days, Chazuta pottery village and its archaeological sites, the petroglyphs of Polish, are some of the most visited tourist attractions that are located near the city of Tarapoto, easily accessible by paved roads, places for the encounter of nature. Also Lamas, Rioja and Moyobamba the capital of the orchids.

The contact with nature offers unique alternatives for the observation of orchids and birds as well as a rich flora and fauna of the high jungle area. For adventurers, boating on the Mayo River or hiking in forests is a good alternative. Welcome to the leafy jungle.