They are very adventurous trips within the Amazon jungle of Peru within the Sandoval Lake Lodge comes to make some of the most wonderful reservations that is in the city of Puerto Maldonado

They are very adventurous trips within the Amazon jungle of Peru within the Sandoval Lake Lodge comes to make some of the most wonderful reservations that is in the city of Puerto Maldonado department of Tambopata to get there you have to take a direct flight from Lima to Puerto Maldonado that lasts approximately with stopover in Cusco approximately the trip lasts 2 hours from there we will go to the main port called Puerto or Captaincy of Amazonas (Madre de Dios) where our outboard boat awaits us to board to travel down the river Alto Madre de God enjoying the landscape that nature offers us the trip lasts approximately 50 minutes then we will check in at the entrance of the Sandoval Lake natural reserve lodge, from there we will start a 5 kilometer hike along a path that will take us to the port of the Amazon that is located inside a primary forest from there we will take a canoe to paddle through a 20 minute pipe where You will appear in the middle of the lake Sandoval lodge continuing to row our staff we will go to our lodge about 1 hour 20 minutes our lodge is located 5 minutes walk from the Sandoval lake, we will arrive where you will have a welcome with a typical drink of the area in the jungle, then will be accommodated in their respective rooms after lunch we will begin to explore the fauna and flora in the lake sandoval lodge within the Peruvian Amazon jungle.
The national reserve of the Sandoval Lake Lodge shelters great diversity of species that live in their natural habitat sharing the nature that was formed many years ago in the jungle.
In Sandoval Lake Lodge Amazon Peru are species that live as monkeys, birds, macaw clay lick, river wolves or otters, parrots of all kinds, turtles, alligators, capybaras, the hotzin, anteater, brown agouti, varieties of fish, varieties of butterfly, Varieties of insects, Medicinal Plants, Trees of 500 years of age, Varieties of Palm trees, etc. in the reserve of sandoval lake lodge.

Sandoval lake lodge Amazon Peru

Our lodge is located in the same reserve of the Sandoval lake lodge, it has its private rooms and shower and conditioned area with the accommodations within the jungle.
Matrimonial, Double, Triple, Simple each with mosquito net for the jungle.
Electricity: In our hostel we only have available in the morning from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.
In the afternoon 1.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m., in the evening 7.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.
We have lamps

Construction of Sandoval Lake lodge Amazon Peru

All the lodges in our amazonia the construction is made of rustic and natural material such as the Crizneja leaf, Lianas, Trunks within the amazonian jungle.
To make this construction we have the best, Architects, Civil Engineers, Bricklayers, Carpenters, Workers who really are very professional that nature gave them they use all the materials of the jungle.
Lianas: It is used mostly to tie the connections of the wood for that we have to know very well the strongest material and that lasts at least 8 Years in the Amazon jungle.
Trunk or Wood: this wood is used as columns that will resist all the materials that are on top so that we have to choose the most resistant and strong material that lasts at least 25 years in the jungle.
CRISNEJA: comes to make a leaf especially palm tree that is naturally used to build the roofs of the houses we first have to cut and then weave this is very important in the Amazon because it is very cool all the heat attracts in the Amazon the temperature reaches 37 degrees at night 18 degrees

Sandoval lake Lodge Amazon Peru Tours

Sandoval Lake Lodge Amazon Peru offers several tours that you can enjoy during your stay, the most popular are:


To reach Lake Sandoval we have to walk about 5 miles from the Madre de Dios / Madre de Dios River, and on this hike you will be able to appreciate the flora and fauna, such as giant trees, medicinal plants, monkeys. Insects, birds of different species, as they are in search of food, frolicking or nesting. Once you reach Lake Sandoval with the beautiful sun, you can enjoy seeing the landscape and nature as a whole offering a living experience with all the Amazonian species.


Howler monkeys commonly howl at dawn, during storms, and in the afternoon. The session usually begins howling When the male begins issuing a series of deep growls That slowly enter the long, horrible roaring sound. Often, the females join in with high-pitched roars of theirs. The purpose of the roars, which can be heard for miles, is to alert other red howler monkeys to the location of the troop, which reduces potential territorial conflicts. Once having finished their roars at dawn, the howlers then quietly spend the rest of their days discreetly feeding on leaves within the Tambopata Tour of Lake Sandoval.


Leaving civilization behind, you venture into the Amazon rainforest. We will travel by boat through Tambopata and Heath RĂ­os, the gateway to the largest uninhabited rainforest, not hunted in the Peruvian Amazon. With a unique combination of savanna and dense jungle, there are opportunities to see all kinds of monkeys and an amazing number of colorful parrots and other birds, as well as the tapir, capybara and even jaguar. The macaw clay lick is an amazing and unique kind of tour experience. Then by boat sailing to Sandoval Lake Lodge. Here we walk through the jungle in search of howler monkeys and sloths, before taking the canoes. At night on Lake Sandoval you will see giant otters, spider monkeys and a unique range of birds. The night is spent in the Sandoval Lake Lodge, the end of the tours for this incredible trip we return to Puerto Maldonado and then we return to Cusco.

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