The traditional way of Manu National Park Tours from Cusco, begins in the city of Cusco, for a minimum of 4 days, with accommodation in a jungle lodge.

The Manu National Park, Biosphere Reserve and Natural Heritage of Humanity, is ideal for amateurs of nature and biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest; tourism for scientific purposes, bird watching, flora and fauna; interested in mysticism and native communities and for those who are passionate about navigating the rivers of the Amazon.

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The best time to visit is during the dry months of June to October. It is cheaper to join a group, so you should arrange your trip in advance, there is currently a tourist infrastructure to spend a few days comfortably.

Manu National Park tours from Cusco

The traditional way of visiting the Manu, begins in the city of Cusco, for a minimum of 4 days, with accommodation in a jungle lodge that also provide food, transportation and guided tours in the jungle under the scheme of an all-inclusive tour .

From Cusco, a path of hallucination begins through the mountains and jungle that reaches the Manu National Park. Ideally, start the route early in the morning to see the breathtaking scenery along this trip that first travels along a paved road that then becomes a trail and ends at the end to continue traveling by river. Although the ideal is to make the trip in a private transport, there are also different public transport options, and are from 5 hours to more that take you to one of the most diverse natural protected areas on the planet.

The route departs from the city of Cusco towards Paucartambo, in the valley of the Mapacho River. Here you arrive after 2 hours of travel going south and then taking a detour that climbs a mountain by a zig zag to finally become a trail. From up here you can see to the left side of the road to the snowy Pitusiray of the Sacred Valley and to the Ausangate, the sacred mountain of Cusco, to stand out among the mountains to the right of the affirmed way.

Then you will arrive to Paucartambo, this is the last valley before climbing the last mountains of the sierra in the Eastern Cordillera to begin to descend to the Amazon.

After an hour of climbing you will arrive at the entrance of the Manu National Park in the Acjanaco pass (3560 masl), with a spectacular view of the Kosñipata cloud forest. Thus begins the magical descent to Manu.

Distances of Manu National Park tours from Cusco

To get to the Manu National Park, you must first arrive in Cusco, you can take a plane or go by road. Then you must go by car to the National Park of Manu. Here, we leave you the distances of the tours:

  • Distance from Lima to Manu National Park by car: 22hr.
  • Distance from Cusco to Manu National Park by car: 10hr.
  • Distances from Lima to Cusco by plane: 1hr. 25 min.

Travel recommendations for Manu National Park tours from Cusco

Wear light and light clothing, swimwear, something waterproof (if it rains), sandals and mosquito repellents. The rainy season is from January to March, but unexpected rainfall can occur all year round. The recommended season is April – December.

Apply the vaccine against yellow fever 72 hours in advance.

Also, it is very important to wear sunglasses with UV protection, sunscreen and lipstick.

Due to height, dizziness, headache and nausea are common. Therefore, it is advisable to hydrate with coca infusions and take remedies such as Coramina, Gravol or Sorojchi pills.

Manu National Park tours from Cusco