How To Get To Tambopata


The city of Puerto Maldonado is the starting point for explorations in the jungle of the Tambopata area.
From Lima or Cusco, the traditional way to get to Puerto Maldonado is by air with flights of 90 and 30 minutes respectively. From Cusco you can get to the Interoceanic highway (30C), which also connects it to Iñapari, the border point with Brazil.


Puerto Maldonado has Padre Aldamiz International Airport, small, comfortable and comfortable facilities. Located 7 km west of Puerto Maldonado. Operates regular air traffic for flights from Lima and Cuzco; generally all flights from Lima make a stop in Cuzco. Eventually it has traffic of flights from border cities of Brazil.
The arrival and departure of flights in Puerto Maldonado is fully coordinated by the tour operators of the area and the lodges, who move their boats for timely reception of passengers upon arrival, and be on time at the port for the transfer of passengers to the airport for departure flights. Tourists traveling to Tambopata with tours do not require taxi services at the airport.

Land route

The city of Puerto Maldonado is connected through the Interoceanic highway with the main cities of southern Peru, such as Cusco, Puno and Arequipa, from where it connects with the Pan-American Highway. By this same road towards the north it also connects with Iñapari border point with Brazil and continue towards Rio Branco.
Distances to some cities from Puerto Maldonado to:

  • Cuzco (533 Km.) On the Interoceanic highway
  • Iñapari (244 Km.) Along the Interoceanic Highway – border with Brazil and connection to Rio Branco
  • Lima (1621 Km.) Lima / Nazca / Abancay / Cuzco / Puerto Maldonado route

How to get to Tambopata from Cusco

From the city of Cusco (detour in Urcos) you can travel to Puerto Maldonado and continue to Inambari – Iñapari on the border with Brazil (286 Km – 4 hours by car) and then continue to Rio Branco (581 km – 9 hours by car).
This new road involves the renovation and construction of approximately 2,600 kilometers of paved roads and 22 bridges.
The road to Puerto Maldonado from Cuzco is better, since it is part of the Interoceanic Highway, and currently the bus trip is 10 hours, so most opt for the fastest and most comfortable 30 minutes of flight. The price of bus from Cusco to Puerto Maldonado, is from 50 to 80 Soles, these prices are the most recommended in terms of bus quality, there are cheaper but it is not recommended for the service they provide.

Recommendations for your trip to Puerto Maldonado

The weather in Puerto Maldonado is tropical and rainy, so you must take your hood for rain

  • Take into account that the weather is hot, so you should have water on hand to hydrate.
  • Wear light clothing as you walk regularly, repellent for mosquitoes, and sunglasses.
  • Wear footwear for walks in the jungle.
  • Never try to enter the jungle without the company of an experienced guide and all the necessary logistics.
  • Within the city, the most used transport is the motorcycle taxi. It is advisable to take the motorcycles taxis, because they are not cheaper, they allow to see the landscape, and they are fresh for the heat that you feel. It is not advisable to travel on linear motorcycles, because although they are cheaper, they do not wear a helmet and suffer more accidents. We do not recommend the use of cars or taxis, because they are more expensive than motorcycle taxis, and because of the heat it is unbearable to travel inside them.