Bird watching

For bird lovers

The geographical, climatic and evolutionary factors make Peru the best place to do bird watching (bird watching). It has 1830 species of birds (according to the official list of SACC / CRAP), it is also considered the second megadiverse country, concentrating 70% of the planet’s biological diversity. According to the Hold ridge classification, it has 84 of the 117 life zones registered on Earth.

Our country has the highest number of endemic species in the world (more than 120). In the last three decades an average of two new species per year has been discovered. The largest flying bird in the world (Andean Condor – Vulturgriphus) is in Peru and also the second smallest bird on the planet (Estrellita de Cola corta-Myrmiamicrura).
There is great potential to continue with scientific discoveries at the level of species and subspecies, which due to their isolation could offer new records. Three main bird watching routes have been developed and allow covering a large number of life zones crossing the country from west to east, with the corresponding variation in birdlife that offers the possibility of obtaining lists of many species on each trip.

Would you like to have this activity?

This activity is easy, but you have to have passion to see birds, you must pay special attention if you want to enjoy these beautiful birds.
That is why we include in our tours the Manu national park, our guides are passionate and specialists in birds because we have good equipment for this activity

Bird watching Details

  • Season of the year: April to December
  • Recommended for: Morning and afternoon
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Difficulty Level: lll
  • Altitude: mountain forest to low jungle 350.m.s.n.m.
  • Available at: cloud forest to Palotoa Amazon lodge.