An adventure Family Trip to the Peruvian Jungle

Why should you plan a Family Trip to Amazon?

Summer seems like the most expected time in our calendars, but it always feels that it comes and goes too quickly. It is indeed a very exciting time for family adventures and you know it.

Here is an idea for your next trip with the whole family, ready to set off?

We are living a life full of choices and planning for a family trip does not escape from this reality. Summer came and went, and we are back to the drawing board again.

Did you get to do the trip you first intended or really dreamed of doing?

Maybe some of you got to visit some of the natural wonders in your own country. Or, maybe visited your beloved national parks or sanctuaries, wanting to get closer to unique landscapes and ever-than-ever endangered wildlife.

But, if you are reading this post, probably one of your most fancied vacations is to share with your family the excitement of experiencing the wilderness of remote destinations. You want to visit far-off lands, explore and discover pristine outdoors in a unique way. Are we right? -Maybe!

In one of the most remote refuges of the Peru Amazon Jungle, we find some of these places with facilities that look like the Robinson Crusoe’s tree house. Nestled and surrounded by tropical rainforest and its dwellers, where kids of all ages find a special connection. Which makes it an ideal place for a family Trip to Amazon. We are referring to the Rainforest Expeditions’ Amazon jungle lodges in Southeastern Peru. Three properties run by this ecotourism company which is on the eve of turning thirty years of sharing their passion and love for the forest and its people.

Back in the nineties, National Geographic magazine featured a cover story on the iconic macaws of Tambopata, and the then Spartan Tambopata Research Centre was never ever the same. Nowadays, we look back and think of all the people that have visited Tambopata Research Centre and are ecstatic to see how it has grown and turned out to be one of the finest accommodations in these tropical lands.

About the lodge

This lodge offers the comfort and luxury experienced travellers deserve for an adventure destination, where the rooms make them frontline spectators of a never-ending parade of rainforest animals.

Kids, and kids at heart, will be thrilled to see Amazon wildlife like never before. The sightings of new world monkeys, peccaries and mixed flocks of canopy birds from the comfort of their bedrooms, where they will be also rocked to bed by the sounds of the rainforest.

On a family Trip to Amazon, you are certain to enjoy excursions deep in the jungle trails. This would take you to bamboo forests, creeks, flooded forests and beautiful overlooks where they will discover cryptic creatures. Nature’s most wanted show in the area is the Colorado clay-lick where hundreds of macaws, parrots and parakeets start coming down during dawn to feed on clay.

You don’t have to be a kid to get excited about these strenuous birds. Everyone enjoys the cacophony these birds produce while learning that conscious tourism can help in the conservation of these threatened species.


While Tambopata Research Centre was becoming the hub to experience Tambopata tours. The Ese Eja Native Community, became their allies in a joint-venture project: Posada Amazonas. Today, after twenty-two years, it still welcomes families with activities led by native guides, where kids explore and get to learn from them through different excursions based on their cultural heritage.

Also, we recommend you to take a beautiful, comfortable and unique family riverboat cruise into the heart of the Peru Amazon Jungle for a family holiday. Every boat has the comforts and luxuries of a hotel, but puts you at the centre of world’s most diverse tropical paradise.

The Experience

Spend your evenings relaxing on the boat, with communal areas for catching up and sharing jungle stories. Sleep in comfortable cabins for the whole family. Selected riverboats have books, boardgames and video games available for children. This would keep them occupied during lounge hours. The riverboats selected for family Amazon Peru Jungle cruises are family-friendly. Cabins are spacious enough to add a foldable bed, or have interconnecting rooms.

Staff onboard are very friendly to children, as many of them have families of their own. They do their very best to ensure families have an enjoyable trip to the Peru Amazon Jungle. With advanced notice, the staff will happily cater to any fussy eaters and preferred children’s meals.

In the daytime enjoy treks into the Amazon Rainforest with specialist tour guides, including visits to National Reserves, flooded forests and 5 million acres of rich ecological diversity. Have fun playing games to see who can spot the most wildlife from your boat, including pink river dolphins, macaws, sloths, giant otters and caimans, and maybe even an anaconda!

Our Recommendation 

Finally, a lodge we definitely recommend is the unique Treehouse Lodge overlooking the Peru Amazon Jungle. Sleep high up in the canopy of the Amazon, for an experience of a lifetime. You will sleep up to 67 feet above the ground in the treetops, and become part of the incredible wildlife of the Amazon Jungle.

Scientists estimate that 90% of all of the life in the Rainforest can be found in the treetops. So expect to see the jungle’s wildlife, including monkeys, sloths, macaws, parrots, parakeets, and maybe even a jaguar. If you really want to bring your kids’ biology lessons alive, then this is the place to do it. You can take walks into the jungle with expert guides during the day or night to see these incredible creatures in their natural habitat. And if you and your kids love adventure, you can sign up for piranha fishing on canoes and trips to local tribes to enhance your stay.

These adventures will teach your children so much about the origins of human life and how to humans and animals can survive in the jungle. The lodge’s eight en-suite bungalows have most the amenities you would expect to find in a luxury hotel, and walkways that connect the rooms above the Amazon. Pretty cool, eh?