Amazon Caiman Search

For Caiman lovers

is one of the mysterious activities of the Amazon that we do in the area of Palotoa ecological reserve and in the area Manu biosphere reserved, the search for caiman, since its appearance is scary but at the same time it is impressive to see one of these enormous monster of the jungle, this activity we do in the tours we offer from 4 days to more days we can go to look for them during the day or night, they live isolated from the civilization and it is not easy to see them that is why we owe this activity that consists of exploring the lagoons and small meanders of the Amazon with the help of your expert tour guide you will be able to see them not only alligators but also other animals such as turtles, fish and even birds.

The caiman is a carnivorous reptile of the Alligatoridae family that gets its name because of its dark coloration as an adult. It is found in lakes, slow-moving rivers and other freshwater habitats of South America, mainly in the Amazon basin. It is the largest predator in the ecosystem of the Amazon, and can reach a size of 4-5 meters long, and take advantage of almost any animal that its teeth can sink. The black alligator is a nocturnal hunter, who relies on his keen sense of sight and hearing to find food. Adult caiman have no known predators; however, when they are young they are vulnerable to being hunted by cats, coatis, birds and other animals. The females of this species reproduce only once every 2 years, and lay, on average, 30-50 eggs at a time. Although mother alligators protect their nests, very few offspring survive to adulthood.

Why would you like to search for caiman?

Detect unique animals: in rivers, meanders and the pond are in the middle of a rainforest channel. Due to their location and unique plant life, they attract terrestrial animals, alligators that are difficult to find elsewhere. Here you have a great opportunity to see animals such as Caiman, Hoatzin and Oropendola, which you may not find on other continents. with the help of your expert guide and good flashlights is the most impressive moment in the middle of the darkness waiting to see some eye that reflects with the light and being able to approach us 2 meters away there tourists taking photos or making videos as well as fear that moment is magic because we become challengers to the huge monster Explorer the Amazon is unique as you will find a wide biodiversity apart from enclosing other species of alligators like the dwarf caiman the white caiman and other animals that live related to water.

The caiman Search Details

  • Time of year: March to November
  • Place to see: Manu River and oxbow lakes
  • Recommended for: morning or night
  • Duration: 2 hours.
  • Level of difficulty: ll
  • Available at: Manu River and Palotoa E reserved.