13 Reasons for visit the Peruvian Jungle this year

The world’s largest and most diversified rainforest is a paradise for nature lovers. Here seems another world, impressive and fascinating where everything is gigantic, an explosion of colors, smells, and unknown sounds, in short, we are on another planet.

From Iquitos to Madre de Dios, passing through Tarapoto, Pucallpa, Inca Trail and Amazon. We went to the whole Peruvian jungle, because going to one left us wanting more, to go deeper, to discover new species, to meet new people, with different stories to tell, from visits of goblins to jumping lizards at night.

Venture in the jungle, we enter another dimension, the giant trees can reach 40 meters high with a trunk 3 meters in diameter, the flowers, the leaves are immense, the cacophony is permanent, the jungle never sleeps.Peru offers numerous possibilities to observe the enormous diversity of plants and animals of the largest forest in the world.

Here are the 13 reasons why visit the Peruvian Jungle this year:


The amazing mirror lakes, where the most beautiful colors of the abundant Amazonian vegetation are reflected.


PHOTO: Enchanting view of Lake Salvador

Lake Salvador is home to a large number of animal and bird species and a tour of the lake is an excellent opportunity to try to spot some of the more elusive residents of the park. Animals to look out for include monkeys, caiman, capybara and river turtles.


Disconnect from everything, literally. You have the option of staying in Lodges deep in the jungle, like the Tambopata Research Center, where the experience is complete. At night be without electricity, live only with the light of the moon and the fireflies, changing the noise of traffic by the song of the animals hidden in the night.


PHOTO: Lodge in the jungle

Accommodations are fairly basic but comfortable. They are usually wooden cabins with bug screens for windows. Inside, mosquito nets surround the beds and there is generally a toilet and cool shower which, in the humidity of the jungle, is ideal. Beds are generally comfortable and many lodges provide a limited amount of electricity per night.


The multiple species of exotic flowers that appear among the vegetation, among which the sophisticated orchids stand out.


Sunsets that will be recorded on the retina. Much better if you can appreciate them from a canoe ride on the river, or from the top of a mountain.


PHOTO: Tres Cruces de Paucartambo

This is the most special dawn in the world, since you do not see one, if not 3 suns thanks to the optical phenomenon that is produced by the atmosphere. 

You can appreciate it on the road of Manu National Park tours from Cusco


Walk among hundreds of trees that will impress you with their height, and give you the perfect shade for the intense Amazonian heat.


Encounters with the different species of Amazonian animals, such as the pink dolphin, the lazy bear passive, the Manu park giant black caiman or the funny marmosets.


PHOTO: The Pink Dolphin

One more reason to visit the jungle of Peru occurs with the observation of its wonderful fauna, being the Pink Dolphin, the favorite of all.


Imposing waterfalls where it is worthwhile to cool off, a rich contrast of icy water for the hot climate that characterizes the region.


More than 2 thousand species of butterflies of all colors and sizes, and 1025 registered bird species. If you are a bird watcher, a great option is birding in Manu National Park.


PHOTO: The crystal butterfly

The Greta oto is a fragile, styled and beautiful butterfly barely 30 millimeters in span and thirty in length. When the light passes through the wing transparencies there are beautiful flashes of color, red, green, orange or turquoise. 


Spend the day surrounded by greenery, where you see that bright natural green. It can be the best medicine to cure even the most stressed mind.


The delicious dishes of the region. Made from plantain like the tacacho and the mature or the rich juanes made with rice, chicken and egg, boiled wrapped in bijao leaves, a whole delicacy.


PHOTO: The delicious “Juane”

Juane is one of the most traditional and popular dishes from the Peruvian jungle.It  consists of a bowl of rice filled with meat, boiled egg, black olives, and spices. All the ingredients are wrapped up in bijao leaves (which look like banana leaves) and are plants from the jungle. It is then boiled as is in clay pots and served in its leaves.


The impressive Amazon River and its curves that make it look like a huge anaconda. If your flight arrives during the day, ask for a seat next to the window since seeing it from above is an unforgettable experience.


PHOTO: The longest and mightiest river in the world

The Amazon River, with a length of 7,020 km, has the record of the mightiest river in the world with 219,000 cubic meters of water / second. Only the Amazon carries a fifth of the river water of the planet, so it is not surprising that its flow exceeds that of the other five rivers in the ranking together.


The coconut water, sweet and ice cream, you will rarely taste something so refreshing and natural.


Probably the most important reason, the warmth of its people, kind, affectionate, always welcoming you with a smile and ready to take out another one with its occurrences.

The jungle awaits you, the reasons are over.