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we are fully committed to your enjoyment, giving a real experience in the jungle.

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Welcome Palotoa Amazon Travel

Palotoa Amazon Travel The Best Local Direct Tour Operator jungle specialist 100%, Small and Private group. efficient, and highly friendly services. We Support Sustainable, Responsible & Ethical Tourism. Palotoa Amazon Travel. Is the best option, besides offering a real tour in a primary and lowland forest. TURIST FEEDBACK CLIK HERE


The best of the amazonian. For tried and true travel experiences, look . See what everybody is talking about. Experience the most sought out natural sites and incredible activities without the stress.


Trip Advisor Palotoa 2017

Through millions of opinions and comments from travelers from around the world, they recognize us as “the best travel agency in Manu National Park” in terms of service, quality and customer satisfaction.


We are recognized as a serious agency, responsible and with personalized attention, that offers the best prices in trips to the jungle of Peru

100% Satisfaction palotoa

Thousands of travelers are satisfied with our service. We offer well-organized, flexible and perfectly cared tours, and our accommodation was clean and comfortable, and the food is varied and delicious.

recommended Palotoa 2017

Many travelers recommend us. They recognize our work organized carefully. Our English speaking guides know everything about the Amazon. The nocturnal expeditions that we offer are considered incredible. The accommodation is excellent, the comfortable beds and the culinary skills of the chef were unreal.

Petit futé PALOTOA TOURS 2019

Petit Futé consider us as specialists in the  Manu Park orTambopata tours, and considered one of the tour agencies that offers competitive rates.

Sustainable Tourism palotoa

We have the accreditation from the Responsible Tourism Institute that showcases the Region is both undertaking and committed to the 17 sustainability development goals (SDGs) set out by the United Nations and the World Tourism Organization.



What Makes Us Different ?

  • Our businee Family run
  • Our loges, our trails
  • Comply with all legal requirements 
  • Guides born and grow up in the jungle 
  • We travel deep into the jungle 3h boat trip 
  • Unique, genuine experience, flexible 
  • Socially responsible – we employ local people 
  • We use Casa Matsiguenka in the Reserve Zone
  • We support native communities 
  • Environmentally, bring rubbish back to Cusco)