Come and travel with us, the most beautiful trip to Manu National Park in addition to exploring a primary forest, where we have option to see more biodiversity.

The Tambopata National reserve is one of the most beautiful places to visit that has beautiful attractions, such as Sandoval Lake and Macaws clay lick.

The Manu Biosphere Reserve is the most beautiful place in southern Peru, known as extreme biodiversity

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The Best Local Direct Tour Operator 100% Cusco Based Company.Tour Operator, Small and Private group. efficient, and highly friendly services We Support Sustainable, Responsible & Ethical Tourism.

If you want to enjoy  true and beautiful experience in the jungle of Manu National Park, Palotoa Amazon Travel. Is the best option, besides offering a real tour in a primary and lowland forest where you can see giant trees, also much biodiversity to see in the ecological reserve of palotoa. The farther away we are from civilization, more choice you will have to see the wildlife in a real Amazonian forest.     TURIST FEEDBACK CLIK HERE

The immense variety of Manu National Park in terms of altitude, microclimate, soils and other ecological conditions results in a complex mosaic of habitats and niches.

Puerto Maldonado is a city in southern Peru, capital of the department of Madre de Dios, located on the banks of the Madre de Dios River, formerly called Amaru.

On the Salkantay Trek, we pass through an amazing progression of ecological zones, from sparsely vegetated alpine meadows flanking two spectacular 20,000′ glaciered peaks, down through subtropical forest.

Discover the magic Tours of Manu National Park

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100% Local
locally owned and operated by the Palotoa Amazon Travel Company.  We were born and raised in the Amazon jungle of Manu Park.  Your money supports the local economy and we comply with all legal requirements.
Top Tour Guides
Qualified, professional, local tour guides; well-equipped with guiding gear. Socially responsible-we employ local people; guides born and brought up in the jungle.
Amazing Chefs
these guys make magic happen, always using fresh fruit and local ingredients in their yummy meals.
Best Equipment
Each guide has a quality spotting scope, high-range flashlight, pair of binoculars, and bird & mammal guide book; the best equipment to observe the wildlife of the jungle up close.
Private Eco-Lodges
we own two private lodges with all the facilities that you need to be comfy in the jungle. Each lodge was designed to be eco-friendly and is equipped with light.



  • Our businee  Family run
  • Our loges, our trails   
  • Comply with all legal requirements                                                      
  • Guides born and grow up in the jungle                                  
  • We travel deep into the jungle 3h boat trip          
  • Unique, genuine experience, flexible                      
  • Socially responsible – we employ local people     
  • We use Casa Matsiguenka in the Reserve Zone
  • We support native communities                              
  • Environmentally, bring rubbish back to Cusco)                               

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