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We are adventure tour operator company, based in Cusco offering trekking expeditions and camping deep into the jungle. Our expeditions bring you close to the restricted Biological Research Zone of the Manu National Park. We offer full adventure, fishing, trekking, climbing trees, camping, bird watching and jungle exploration. Our guides have lived all their lives in the jungle and know everything about its distinctive plants, animals, insects, jungle survival and culture.
Our first objective. is the conservation and preservation of this planet’s ecosystem. We want to teach people from all around the world and the local people of Manu how important it is to respect and preserve this beautiful environment (“The lungs of the earth”). With our tours we hope to extend awareness of the importance of our rainforest for life on earth.
Our second objective. is to give you a REAL JUNGLE EXPERIENCE, something different from all the other trips in Manu, something authentic. To achieve this, we camp using tents and hammocks in all our trips so that you are close to nature.
We also have our own lodge. Reserve Ecological Palotoa, Palotoa Amazon Travel Lodge. Services available there include: bungalows (single/double), dining room, kitchen, toilets, showers, trekking trails and a bar. In these lodge you will enjoy a phenomenal stay close to nature.
Our expeditions / tours are extremely flexible, and can be adapted according to the wishes of the client and their physical fitness. Our trips range from 3 to 9 days but can be extended if requested. So we offer tours CUSTOM-MADE to your particular needs and interests. Safety is of utmost importance to us, we are specialists and professionals in jungle expeditions since 2006.


To take, oftentimes, inexperienced people to the jungle requires a special set of characteristics from all of us. We need to be informative, clear, full of real knowledge, enthusiastic, willing to teach, willing to show you who we are, honest, interested in others (you), patient, have a sense of humor, understanding of all different kind of habits and customs, accommodating, be able to work as a team, respond well to unforeseen changes that happen so often in this wild natural environment, being an organizational wizard, to love the rainforest, love our work, and we need to love you!

                                                          Abel (manager owner)                      Gladis (administration)                          Yuri (sales department)                     victor (counter)

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the guides is very importand part , because they will help to you understand all about the rainforest the interrelations between the plants and animals and importance of conserving this natural ecosystem. in ours staff we have  rain forests specialist. all ours guides speak Inglish some of then , french.

                                                                                         SIMON                                                         MICHEL                                                                                 SAULO

  guia-simon  guia-michel  guia-saulo

     CARLOS                                             DARWIN                                               ABEL

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Palotoa Amazon Travel is a licensed adventure tour operator to Manu National Park based in Cusco

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 We have vehicles , comfortable and with air conditioning. Due to route conditions and in areas of unpaved roads, some of these vehicles are more strained and scattered windscreens are common and part of the adventure. All vehicles are registered, licensed and insured by the Ministry of Transportation. All drivers are professional, have a great deal of experience with overseas tourists, and excellent driving skills. Driver-guides with knowledge of foreign language are available in certain areas of the country and for private cars or 4×4. Bus drivers usually speak Spanish only.

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